digitallovers®: we know how.

the creative process is something exciting and with a huge potential for developing usable contents in today’s mass-mediatic and digital world. but it can also be a complex process to manage and coordinate, and often it is not easy to show how it can help the company increase revenues, market share, or customer loyalty. that’s why we join the games, helping you in putting a bridle on your need for creativity; activating all the steps required by the right creative process: research, dealing, development, licensing, production and distribution.

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recent works

rbl lecco

rbl lecco 2013 [audio prod]


pco europe bv – dyna product line [video + audio prod]


printgraph spa – finito: the power of ideas [video + audio prod]

digitallovers® for gloss club [website restyling]

gloss club restyling [website]

digitallovers® for vema spa automotive [video + audio prod]

vema spa automotive [video + audio prod]

digitallovers® for shootv – traindogs teaser [audio prod]

shootv – traindogs teaser [music prod]